Preventive and Restorative Services

From Preventing Teeth Problems to Restoring Your Oral Health, We Do It All!

Preventive Care

At Rosedale Smiles, our ultimate goal is to help prevent oral health problems.

Preventive dental care is all about maintaining and strengthening the structures of your oral cavity, helping you fight any damage and disease related to your teeth, gums, and tongue. 

We are a major restorative dental clinic where expert dentists offer the following preventive services. 

Dental Prophylaxis

Your first line of defense against plaque, tartar, and stains should be regular cleaning of your teeth. At Rosedale Smiles, we offer dental prophylaxis services to help you prevent gingivitis. Getting your teeth cleaned professionally after every few months is the key to maintaining your oral health.

Oral Cancer Screening

Our dentists thoroughly examine your oral cavity for any early signs of oral cancer. We truly care about your oral health and thus, oral cancer screening is an integral part of our preventive dental services.

Fluoride Treatment 

With our fluoride treatment, we aim to make your teeth more resistant to attacks from bacteria and sugars in your mouth. Now that we are here, you do not have to worry about tooth decay or cavities anymore! 


Restorative Care

At Rosedale Smiles, our restorative dental services involve the diagnosis, treatment, and repair of all your oral health problems. The following restorative services aim to restore the health and function of your compromised teeth.


Do you shy away from smiling because of a missing tooth? At Rosedale Smiles, it is time to get it fixed! We use the best quality materials to restore the function of lost teeth.

Inlays and Onlays

An inlay involves using a gold or porcelain substance to restore your teeth indirectly, fitting and cementing it into place. On the other hand, an onlay works the same way except that it also replaces the tips of your teeth.  

Laminate Veneers 

You should never have to hide your beautiful smile because of the appearance of your teeth.  And this is exactly why we offer laminate veneers! This restorative process helps restore your teeth to mask stains, realign malformed teeth, and close gaps. 


Your Oral Health Matters – Let Us Take Care of It for You!

Whether you are looking for reliable dental preventive and restorative care in Rosedale, Essex, Nottingham, White Marsh, or any other MD area, Rosedale Smiles promises to exceed your expectations! 

For more details regarding our preventive and restorative care services, or to book an appointment, simply call us on (410) 866-5550.