Get Your Teeth Perfectly Aligned without Anyone Knowing!

Have you always felt self-conscious because of your misaligned teeth? 

Would you believe if we tell you that we have a virtually invisible solution which will help you align your teeth for that picture-perfect smile!

It might sound too good to be true but at Rosedale Smiles, we can do that for you! 

Beating traditional dental braces a long way, Invisalign aligners are specially made to complement your lifestyle and not interrupt it. These clear aligners are a transparent, plastic form of braces that are custom-made to adjust perfectly with your teeth. 

At Rosedale Smiles, we offer affordable Invisalign treatment to help you get your teeth back in position without breaking your bank. With easily removable Invisalign aligners, neither do you have to worry about the cleaning process nor about missing out on your favorite foods!   

Whether you are in Rosedale, Essex, Nottingham, White Marsh, or any other MD area, we promise to provide you with the most reliable and affordable Invisalign treatment. 


Why You Should Get Your Invisalign Aligners Today


At Rosedale Smiles, we offer transparent aligners that are bound to make your teeth look perfect and improve your smile. Here’s why you should get yours today!

Crowding of Teeth

If you feel your teeth don’t fit in your mouth perfectly, Invisalign aligners can take care of it for you! 

When there is dental crowding, bad breath, food traps, difficulty flossing, lip-cheek biting, speech changes, and other issues become a common occurrence. 

Gapped Teeth or Spaces between Teeth

The unnecessary gaps between your teeth can also lead to many of the similar issues as crowding of teeth. Additionally, they may also cause speech difficulties. While bite corrections can help with these problems, they may give way to dry mouth, jaw pains, bad breath, headaches, receding gums, and other discomforts. 

On the other hand, Invisalign treatment is guaranteed to treat teeth gaps while ensuring maximum comfort.       

If you are interested in getting our affordable Invisalign treatment in Rosedale, White Marsh, Essex, Nottingham, or any other MD area, give us a call on (410) 866-5550 today!

It’s Time for You to Exude Confidence With A Beautiful Wide Smile!