Dentist in Essex

Essex Residents Can Visit Our Dental Clinic and Receive the Care They Deserve.


We only have one set of teeth and losing them feels like the end of the world. A common misconception is that it’s natural for adults to lose their teeth because of aging. 

Aging maybe one factor but adults can lose their teeth for a variety of reasons such as poor oral hygiene, gum disease, extensive cavities that may have reached the root and other serious injuries. Sometimes, certain dental precautions would require us to get an emergency tooth extraction. 

Without our teeth, we can face a whole score of functional issues. We can no longer eat and talk the same way as before. Additionally, we lose our confidence to smile and struggle to show facial expressions!

What’s worse is that tooth/teeth loss alters the appearance of our face, making us look years older than what we may really be. Missing teeth can give a hollow appearance to the cheeks and make the jaw line area look short. Eventually, bone loss from one set of teeth can impact the surrounding areas. So if you’ve already lost a few teeth, chances are you might experience some shifting and loosening up of teeth in the surrounding areas too!

At Rosedale, we cherish healthy smiles and we’re here to restore yours. We’re offering our Essex clients affordable dentures at our dental clinic in Rosedale, so they can regain the confidence to be themselves! 

We’ve got two main types of dentures for you; partial and full.

When you visit our clinic, a cosmetic dentist will take a sample of your teeth. For a partial denture service, what we’ll do is attach a set of replacement teeth to a gummy paste and place it inside your mouth. This dental piece is very comfortable and durable. It’s made with the finest quality materials and the new teeth resemble the permanent ones in your mouth. 

However, don’t fret if you’re looking for a full service. We offer equally affordable dentures in this case too! 

If you haven’t lost all your teeth and you find some of them decaying then we’ll most likely go for a tooth extraction process. The next step is to make sure your gums have completely healed. Once that is verified, our cosmetic dentist will place a customized set of dentures into your mouth. And voila! You can flash that bright smile to the whole world now! 

We also make immediate dentures for some dental cases. This way you won’t have to wait too long after your teeth extraction. In some situations, we can also repair your dentures the same day you come in for consultation. 

So what are you waiting for? If you’re in Essex, you know where to get affordable dentures. Contact us today on (410) 866-5550 or book an appointment online!