Let Our Professional Dentists Save Your Teeth with Advanced Endodontic Treatment

Have your teeth experienced a major dental injury?

Do your teeth really start to hurt every time you chew food?

Do your gums feel tender than usual?

Chances are, you may need root canal therapy – and an expert dentist who knows the ins and outs of endodontic treatment and can help you!


At Rosedale Smiles, Dr. Fonmedig and his team can restore the health and function of affected teeth. Whether you live in Rosedale, Essex, Nottingham, White Marsh, or any other MD area, our dentists guarantee to save your teeth from the worst of injuries! 

Dr. Fonmedig conducts pulp assessment tests to draw up an accurate diagnosis and come up with a foolproof treatment plan. With a practice focused on dental injuries, surgeries, and root canal treatment, our dentists guarantee to manage a wide variety of complex endodontic problems in the most efficient way possible.

It doesn’t matter how severe the dental injury was that you faced, chances are that endodontic treatment can just be the thing your teeth need!

With Our Endodontic Treatment, Get Ready to Flaunt Your Natural Smile and Enjoy Your Favorite Foods!

Rosedale, Nottingham, Essex, White Marsh, and other MD areas – regardless of where you reside, Rosedale Smiles promises to provide your teeth with the care they deserve! 

To get more details about our endodontic treatment or to book an appointment, simply call us on

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