Dental Crowns and Bridges

Give Your Smile a Royal Touch and Bridge the Gap between a Shy and Confident Smile!

Dental Crowns

Are you looking for the perfect solution for cracked, broken, irregularly shaped, or discolored teeth? Stop searching because you can get dental crowns at Rosedale Smiles! 

We offer the best quality dental crowns in Rosedale and other MD areas. Our expert dentists will place a cap-like crown over your tooth, restoring it to normal shape and size. With our dental crowns, not only your teeth will look naturally beautiful but also become stronger. 


At Rosedale Smiles, we use premium quality materials, such as porcelain, ceramics, resin, and metal alloys, often colored to look natural, guaranteeing a comfortable fit and maximum durability. Based on the material used, we offer the following dental crowns in Essex and other MD areas:

  • Full metal crowns
  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns
  • Esthetic all-ceramic crowns, such as IPS e.max
  • Zirconium crowns, such as BruZir solid crowns  

The crown is cemented into place only after making sure that you are happy with how it looks and feels – because, at Rosedale Smiles, your satisfaction is the name of the game!

Dental Bridges


Dental Bridges

If you are tired of the eating problems you face and the odd stares you get due to a missing tooth, dental bridges may be the life-changing solution for you! 

At Rosedale Smiles, we offer custom-made replacement teeth to fill the space where one or more of your teeth are missing, enhancing your facial look. Our professionals work with you to determine what type of bridge will suit you best and fulfill all your needs. In addition to full metal bridges, we also offer porcelain fused to metal dental bridges in Rosedale and other MD areas.    

If you want to get dental bridges in Essex or other MD areas, Rosedale Smiles should be your go-to place!  

Dental Implants


To replace a series of lost or decayed tooth, you may rely on a dental implant because unlike a dental bridge, an implant does not require the support of adjacent healthy teeth. 

Made of titanium and other high-quality material, an implant is super easy to clean and maintain. It does not put extra strain on the teeth, making for an ideal choice for you if you do not want to get a partial or complete denture. 

Are you ready to look younger with a gorgeous smile and see yourself happily smiling again?

Whether you live in Rosedale, Essex, Nottingham, or White Marsh, we promise to deliver exceptional dental services across Maryland. Book an appointment for dental crowns or dental bridges at Rosedale Smiles NOW by simply calling us on (410) 866-5550!