Cosmetic Dentistry

Welcome to the Hub of Cosmetic Dentistry in MD

Do your stained, crooked, or misshapen teeth keep you from flashing that bright smile? 

Your smile is too beautiful to be kept hidden behind a straight face! And this is exactly why we offer advanced cosmetic dentistry services to improve the overall look of your teeth and smile. 

We Aim to Give Your Smile a Remarkable Makeover!

At Rosedale Smiles, expert cosmetic dentists use advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures and work with you to devise a custom-tailored treatment plan. With a few simple steps, you can have the smile you love! 

Our Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options


Chairside Bonding

Cavities, tooth decay, cracked or broken teeth, discoloration, teeth gaps, misaligned teeth – our chairside bonding service fixes all! 

Boasting a wealth of dentistry knowledge and expertise, our cosmetic dentists in White Marsh and other MD areas will create a strong, long-lasting bond to your tooth that you would find difficult to identify from natural teeth. 

Lumismile Teeth Whitening

Tooth discoloration or staining is common yet one of the most dreaded dental problems. No matter how perfectly aligned your teeth are, discoloration can steal away their beauty. 

At Rosedale Smiles, we offer professional personalized teeth whitening treatment options, allowing your smile to shine as brightly as it should!  


Esthetic Veneers

With our esthetic veneers service, say goodbye to chipped, crooked, and stained teeth!

Our cosmetic dentists in Essex and other MD areas bond thin solid pieces of resin or ceramic material to your teeth, leaving you looking for more reasons to smile.   

E.Max and Bruxzir Esthetic Crowns

For a more drastic makeover, our cosmetic dentists in Nottingham and other MD areas offer to give your teeth a fresh start with E.Max and Bruxzir crowns. They remove the outer part of your teeth and place a made-to-fit crown over it, enhancing the overall look.     

Snap-On Smile

Snap-on smile is a non-invasive dental procedure that aims to conceal all dental imperfections with a custom-made, removable arch. With this super affordable cosmetic dental treatment, you can take your smile game up a notch instantly! 

Do you want to get all your dental problems resolved and flaunt exceptional-looking teeth?

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