Dentist in Chase MD

Clients from Chase, MD Can Visit Our Clinic for Preventative and Periodontal Services

Many people are hungry for the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures to give themselves glistening white teeth and brilliant smiles. However, what they often fail to realize is that oral hygiene is an important part of their overall dental health. Our cosmetic dentists see so many people suffering from periodontal disease and it saddens us to know that they’re completely unaware of the phenomenon. We urge you to immediately visit us at our family dental care clinic in Rosedale if you spot any of the following symptoms.

Periodontal diseases are infections that attack the gums and its supporting structures, leaving them inflamed. Commonly understood as gum disease, Periodontitis can also affect the periodontal ligaments and the alveolar bone. Gum disease is particularly common among adults although it’s easily avoidable if good oral hygiene is maintained. There are four main stages to its progression. 

The first stage is called Gingivitis and is marked by red, swollen gums. Most people will report bleeding gums at this level but the good news is that the bone structure of your teeth hasn’t been affected yet. The second and third stages involve increased inflammation of the gums but because there’s very little pain, most patients don’t make a big deal of it. What ends up happening is that the periodontitis progresses to the fourth and final stage where the bacteria have spread all the way to the dental bone structure. This leaves the patient at risk of tooth loss, gum pain and other complications. 

It’s crucial for patients to seek treatment at the earliest opportunity. Fortunately, there are a number of things our dentists can do to protect your teeth from permanent damage. If you haven’t encountered gum disease yet and are looking for preventative measures then we’re proud of you! 

Drop by our dental clinicand one of our expert dentists will screen your teeth for any signs of Periodontitis. Regular periodontal screening is an effective way to ward off any possible onset of gum disease. Don’t compromise on your oral health. Book an appointment with our cosmetic dentist today! 

If you’ve begun noticing plaque buildup on your teeth and gums then we recommend you come in for a deep cleaning session at our dental clinic. At Rosedale Smiles, we only use premium quality dental equipment that’s necessary for the removal of bacteria, tartar and plaque. You won’t be able to get a deep clean on your own so it’s best you get in touch with us soon.

Your teeth are our expertise and we’re committed to giving you top notch dental treatments at the most affordable rates. From emergency tooth extraction and dental crown services, we offer a variety of dental treatments for our patients from Chase, MD. You can book an appointment for serious dental cases and we’ll have our cosmetic dentists prepare you for an advanced laser dentistry treatment. With over 15 years of industry experience, Dr. Fonmedig assures you that laser treatments are completely safe and effective. Your smile is safe with Rosedale Smiles!